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Subversiv Records Rawest Alpine Swiss Undergrund

Black Yard! Great art, great geards!

Dirk Bonsma Hypnotic

UAN For the creepy drawings on this page

Patrick Christ With deadliest thanks!

Magnolia For the guestbooks, webshop, galleries, other help and beeing tiki

Admiral James T and the Dala Studios For recording us again

Chop Records For letting us die in peace

Crazy Love Records Released our first record - worldwide


Zeno Thornado One man cuntry hell show

Voodoorhythm Shake your ass and ruin any party

The Monsters The crawling Monsters own page

The Order Great Swiss Hard Rock that squirls your balls

Allschwil Posse Best fucking Swiss Hip Hop

Hardride Hard rocking partys and deadly guys - rock on!

Rose Tattoo Hard rock at it's best!

Tribute page to Screaming Lord Such May your soul rest in peace

Psychobilly Homepage Druged out Hillbillys

Search and Destroy All kind of punk, garage and trash bands

60s GaragePunk Links All you need to get your real 60spunk

The Garage Sniffing around garage pages

Turn Me On Dead Man There is no other Garage-Webradio

Bedazzled Garage Like old n dirty garage videos? Go stream'em!

Anyone Can Play Guitar Festival Greatest and deadliest music festival of dead Berne!


Leichenwagen Can't help but they always drive us around in those things.

Horror Find Do you wanna know more about werewolfs, vampires or witches?

Ghost Detection Equipment If you have troubles finding our gigs...

Fangoria Newest Horror Movie Reviews!!

Voodoo Dolls Make someones day!