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Hey living - here you get the homepage of our living friend and master Kid Wild! He is only 15 Years old and we met him playing his old baby guitar - that he bought for only 5 bucks in an old second hand store - on the cold and windy streets of Berne. He was shouting and playing like hell with all the power, passion and rawness of a young Elvis, Little Richard or a Jerry Lee Lewis!!! There was no other way but to get in touch with that wild youngster and we are dead happy to give this very talented and good hearted kid the chances he deserves to play on stage!


KID WILD 2006  KID WILD 2006  KID WILD 2006  KID WILD 2006 


Little Ben (his proper name) comes from a family where everybody plays music and when he was just 8 years old he knew already all the songs of the local folk musician "Mani Matter". A few years later he discovered the Beatles. He let his hair grow and soon knew all of their songs inside out. And time still wouldn't stand still. It happened that little Ben heard an old Elvis record at a friends house and that was it!! He knew that was the thing he wanted to do for all his life!! He immediately felt in love with the Kings voice and the wild style of his early years. There was nothing else that Ben could do but starting to cover and gather all Elvis songs. After he has played them up and down on his little guitar he found himself in a brand new world of beauty and heavenly joy! So he kept on going and was looking for every old rock n roll song that he could find! He started to play all these never dying pearls of great musicians like Gene Vincent, Johnny Cash, Bill Haley, Jerry Lee, Little Richard and many other wild Rock n Roll singers that managed to touch Bens heart! And now little Ben alias KID WILD has grown a bit older, touches and shakes the soul of many men and women and melts every good girls heart! So if you've got the chance to see or book this wild child - go ahead, you won't regret it!


Every Saturdy live on the streets of downtown Berne

8. July at the anyone can play guitar festival, Berne


Recorded live with an old minidisk and a cheap mic on a Sunday afternoon in the living room:

Be Bop A Lula (2 Mb)
Latest Flame (1.8 Mb)
Rock Around The Clock (1.3 Mb)


You can book KID WILD for a set of 40min, 20min or two sets of each 20min. He will play and shout unplugged or if you like him on stage he'll play with a mic for the guitar and one for the voice.