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Boiling Pot

Toxic brew and pics we found without matching them to some particular section:

our youngest fan  our very gimp in the mood  5 minutes later 

Here you've got some old recording pics of our first 2 day recording session with our very Gimp down in the crypt. We recorded 5 brand hot and very raw tunes for our first demo cd. We rented some expensive mics and put them around our skeleton friend right where the ears would be to get the truly sound of a human sitting right in the middle of our noisy cave. Thanks a lot to Gimp and Panic for helping us!

microfones around the dead head of our very dead friend  singing the blues  Gimp the sound and mix master  hey hey goog looking  job done and ready for new adventures 

Here you've got the few recording pics of the recording session with Groepu of Altimeter Production for our first CD on Cracy Love Records. It was recorded in three days in the band room of Uristier. Thanks to you all!

Grpu the friendly dwarf  bopping the blues three levels below daylight  good mood attitude crew 

The Dead in Paris. Because the cementeries of Paris were overflowing 1785 the living of Paris started to store all their skeletons in the catacombs 20 meters below the light of day. There are bones and skulls of millions of Parisians all along the old walls. In the second world war the catacombs were used as a headquartier by the resistance. Pretty ghostly! Today cataphiles are roaming through the catacombs late at night to get some thrills - it's fined with 60 Euros. Through the day you can visite the catacombs for some bucks and it's worth to see it! Just go to the metro station Mount Duvernet and plunge into the world of the dead.

hello little pretty  face to face with a long gone  walls of bones  in good company 

kilometer after kilometer bones and bones  heeelp - take me out!! 

Here you see what our lovely Thommy Tombstone makes when he isn't hitting walls of stone: he becomes an artist of the Egyptian art.

devil and monsters I  lovers I  lovers II  devil and monsters II  lovers III  lovers IV 

Get a frightening sight into our crypt:

In the left corner our luxurious toilet  Hey ladys look at this guy (behind vincenzo)  lonesome n dead  Tommy tombstone and his dead brother  five of them  mmmhhhhh ready for dinner? 

Here you get two fuzzy pics of the old Dead Lineup that Perez made - thank you:

the dead in japan  swamp thongs 

The first Sofa Struggle was a deadly hit, so Les Amis asked us to do another one in june and it was dead fun as well!! People were adancing like at the first struggle and it was crowded like in hell!! Seems like good times to us when people start getting out again to join rock, garage and rock n roll partys!! Other events are to follow:

mixing vinyl  chocolate rockets  playing with the ball  pretty lady 

pretty lady too  before the dancing 

This was one of our Radio appereances and it's the only one that was saved - the others are gone in the wind. Enjoy:

Listen to the whole Radioshow including all parts of the Interview. Playtime: 2 hours (Real Player needed) and here here is the rest of the show (they cut it but dont know why).