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27. - 31. December 04 Dala Studios/ Winterthur

Comment: We were at the Dala Studios at the last week of dying 2004 with full Christmas stomachs and plenty of aches and hangovers. But with a few beers to breakfast, some fine wine through the day and strong liqueur late at night we survived this week without a lot of sleep. We usually woke about ten o'clock and rocked till the early morning. Mayor Tom cooked for us very well after the drums were in the box and Johnny smoked his mind while Admiral lighted one cigarette after the other. At least 3 packs a day. You see all in all pretty healthy week but of course that's for dead people like us no problem!
Unfortunately we just haven't heard our songs yet (February) but hope to get them soon. Until you hear them you can check some pictures of that sinful week below. In fall 2005 the record probably will be out. Cheers and Amen.

Pictures: by The Dead

beautiful sir admiral james t

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